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The Soul music icon returns this spring with an album that shows us that at 83 he has lost none of his brilliance. 

Read William Bell “One Day Closer To Home” 
review in French abs Magazine 
23 mai 2023 marcel “big chief” editor ABS MAG #82, Chroniques READ NOW

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Soul music legend William Bell rides his career resurgence with new album 

Read this great review by SCOTT FREEMAN·MAY 5, 2023 published by ARTSATL 

EXCERPT " It’s common enough for a classic era singer or band to enjoy a career resurgence after years away from the spotlight. But it is most uncommon for that resurgence to happen when the singer is in their 70s and 80s. Which is exactly what has happened for William Bell, the Stax Records icon who scored his first hit more than 60 years ago. “I’m a late bloomer,” Bell jokes… END OF EXCERPT READ FULL ARTICLE



Old-School Soul: Class Is Still in Session 

Old-School Soul: Class Is Still in Session
A Curmudgeon Column
By Geoffrey Himes  |  May 30, 2023 | 9:06am

Excerpt "Old-school soul music—much like swing, reggae, British Invasion rock or countless other once-popular genres—may have lost its market share, but it has not lost its musical value. Soul has entered that cultural twilight zone, where it is neither a major force nor mostly forgotten. End of Excerpt READ THIS FULL FANTASTIC REVIEW

(Photo by: Ginette Callaway)



1570 Woodmont Drive 
Tuscumbia, AL  35674
May 15 thru May 21 2023


1.  William Bell  -  One Day Closer To Home  - Let's Make Loving Great Again  -  Wilbe Records
2.  Jaye Hammer -  Be Happy  -  You’re Cheating On Me  -   Ecko
3.  Bobby Rush  -  One Monkey Can Stop A Show  -  One Monkey Can Stop A Show  -  72 Music
4.  The Delta Blues Outlaws  -  Love Nobody Else  -  Love Nobody Else -  Outlaws Reward
5.  Nestor Torres   - Thank You, Willie  -  Thank You, Willie  -  Nine PM Records
6.  Levelle  -  Only If  -  Only If  -  SRG/Virgin
7.  Val McKnight  -  Ain’t Nothing Like a Country Boy  -  Let’s Party -   Ecko
8.  Vic Allen  -  That Good Thang  -  That Good Thang  -  Vick Allen Music
9.  Lavelle  -  Only If  -  Only If  -  Lavelle/Indie
10. Wendell B  -  Slow And Easy  -  She’s The That Do It For Me  -  J.W. Music

Roadhouse Album Review William Bell’s smooth and sexy soul music... 

Roadhouse Album Review: William Bell’s smooth and sexy soul music defines this classic singer’s “One Day Closer to Home” Jim White

William Bell is one of the original soul men. One of the last standing. Still creating that sweetly satisfying soul music — and more.

On his latest and 15th album, Bell turns loose his still-smooth 83-year-old pipes on a dozen finely crafted and perfectly executed songs that stretch the boundaries of soul music into a broader picture of American music. READ FULL REVIEW CLICK HERE


Great write up in Creative Loafing Atlanta 

BLUES & BEYOND: May flowers with new music Fresh tunes from some of Atlanta’s most talented artists.

By HAL HOROWITZ Tuesday April 25, 2023 10:42 AM 
Who doesn’t love spring in Atlanta? The heat and humidity of the hellish summer has yet to hit, the foliage comes to life in vibrant colors, and outdoor concerts return in force. Adding to the seasonal excitement this year are new albums from established veterans along with one up-and-coming talent… READ ALL ABOUT IT


Interview with soul legend William Bell 

Read  the in-depth interview article by “Heikki Suosalo” for Soul Express Magazine

Every song reviewed "I WILL REMEMBER TONIGHT

EXCERPT 1: "I Will Remember Tonight is a smooth, melodic and gently flowing mid-tempo song with a bit of country to it, too. William co-wrote the song with Greg Humphries. “Greg is a wonderful musician and a session player. He has a band of his own and he resides between Nashville and New York. He was brought to me by my management, Charles Driebe from Blind Ambition. He said that here’s a young guy you should consider writing something with. Greg came to my studio in Atlanta, stayed almost a week and we came up with four really good songs and two of them I got on this CD.”

Excerpt 2: “William: “When you win a Grammy, everybody wants you. ‘Everybody loves a winner’ (laughing). I got busy. I was travelling and touring with the Take Me to the River organization. We had a movie out. It’s a wonderful organization of teaching the kids about the origin of music. We were doing the screening and touring for two years. When I finally came off the road, I had to take it a little lighter, to get rested. I wanted to really take my time to write some songs that were telling about the times that we’re living now.READ THE FULL INTERVIEW

The Rocking Magpie REVIEW of One Day Closer To Home 

The Rocking Magpie
Americana, Blues, Folk, Alt Country, Country and a Whole Lot More!

Review of "One Day Closer To Home"

EXCERPT: William Bell
One Day Closer To Home
Wilbe Records

Timeless Silky Smooth Soul Music With Sharp Edges and Effortless Cool.

The Soul Cognoscenti will always have a special place for William Bell in their hears; but sadly he’s something of a ‘forgotten man’ these days; and the timeless ‘smokey’ Soul that he’s famous for has pretty much gone out of fashion; especially among the younger generation who tend to want an ‘edge’ to their music; while William still produces silky smooth and often beautiful music.
The opening track; I Still Go to Parties is a defiant argument for ‘being old’; but not and never being ‘old people’!… READ ALL ABOUT IT CLICK HERE

William Bell Interview with BMI about the new CD and a potential 2nd Grammy 

A fantastic long interview with BMI

Catching Up with William Bell

The soul music legend aims for another GRAMMY with his latest album

Posted in News on April 17, 2023

EXCERPT: Legendary soul singer and songwriter William Bell released his 15th album, One Day Closer To Home, on April 14 via his Wilbe Records label. The album, his first since his GRAMMY-winning 2016 project This is Where I Live, explores a cross of musical genres, true to Bell’s form.

Born in Memphis in 1939, Bell started singing in church, becoming an early star in his choir. As a teenager, he played live gigs with Rufus Thomas and Phineas Newborn, getting an immersive education in the music business, and Bell paid attention at every turn. He started writing songs, having early hits with “You Don’t Miss Your Water” and blues classic “Born Under a Bad Sign,” the latter penned with Booker T. Jones. Bell became known for his poignant lyrics and soulful melodies and enjoyed a fruitful partnership with Stax Records until he relocated to Atlanta in 1969.

BMI caught up with Bell, who was working on album art in his studio in Atlanta in preparation for the vinyl release of One Day Closer to Home. Bell shared some of his most memorable moments from his long career, how his songwriting has evolved over the years, and the advice he’d share for anyone starting their career in the music industry … READ ALL ABOUT IT CLICK  HERE for full article / Interview

Glide Magazine Review for William Bell's One Day Closer To Home 

EXCERPT:  William Bell, the man who wrote so many of the great hits, including “Born Under a Bad Sign” for Albert King,  is in the midst of a career resurgence, having won at 76, his first Grammy for Best Americana Album for his 2016 This Is Where I Live (Stax/Concord Records).  One Day Closer to Home, his fifteenth album, is its follow-up with Bell bringing his touring unit, The Total Package Band, replete on some tracks with a three-piece horn section and two backup vocalists, into the studio. Some tracks add strings, even a country-styled fiddle. but Bell’s superior writing and singing are always the focus…  continue reading


CD Review for William Bell's One Day Closer To Home by popMATTERS 


EXCERT" One might think Bell’s career was over because of his slew of achievements, but the soul singer is still writing and performing. He’s just released a new album with a dozen original titles, One Day Closer to Home, on his record label (Wilbe). The 12 ballads have a timeless quality and would not be out of place on any LP he made over the past 50-plus years… continue reading

Review from NO DEPRESSION for William Bell's CD "One Day Closer To Home" 


The review of this album could be very short: William Bell is a master of soul music who can tear out your heart with one vocal phrase and soothe and comfort with the next, and One Day Closer to Home reveals a master at work.

William Bell (photo by Ginette Callaway)

Black and white photo of William Bell wearing hat and holding sunglasses


Bell’s signature 1961 song “You Don’t Miss Your Water (Until Your Well 

Runs Dry)” was one of the earliest hits on a then-new label called Stax. With Booker T. Jones, Bell wrote “Born Under a Bad Sign” (1967), which Albert King turned into a hit. To our good fortune, Bell has never stopped writing and singing songs that blend gospel, blues, and soul into smooth ballads that settle deep into hearts and rollicking soul stirrers that soar on the playful wings of joy….